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Customer Reviews

Ruby M.

Lille (the brick & mortar) was my happy place. I went there to be surrounded by beautiful things and kind people. I went there to feel safe in my own body around people who were (and still are) accepting of people of all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and desires. Lille introduced me to designers that have become my favorites - Yasmine Eslami, Else, Opaak - and still carry the designers that I have loved for as long as I have loved lingerie, like Eberjey and Stella McCartney. Megan has a brilliant and discerning eye for color and cut. Her recommendations are on point and she takes the time to learn the loves and fits of her regulars. Even now that Lille has moved online, they have not lost their personal, boutique touch. The pieces they choose are unique (snatch them up if you want them because they go quickly)! They still work hard to make an impact in their community, holding drawings to support causes that uphold their values. They get to know their clients and help them find the pieces they are looking for. I could not recommend Lille more highly - reach out to Megan and ask her to style you. That girl knows her lingerie.

Angela L.

These are the darlings of lingerie.  I used to shop a New York City lingerie boutique, until I happened upon Lille, so many years ago.  My heart has never stopped swooning.  The owner – a true purveyor of lingerie’s best – brilliant at her craft.  These ladies own it! By that, I mean, they share my appreciation of happening upon the right piece, and the right fit, which sometimes means a special order only available in another country.  I’ve never had to look anywhere else for basic to decadent, flirty to sensible, on trend and sumptuous.  Adoration.  Period.  

Anna M.

I discovered Lille Boutique by chance when searching for a specific item, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this gem! All of my orders have been placed online or over the phone since I live in Alabama, and the process was super easy. More importantly, the customer service is superb! The women at Lille truly engage with you, whether it be on their social media platforms or through handwritten notes of gratitude and well wishes on packing slips. To me, that’s more important than the items I purchase (they do have gorgeous, unique lingerie, btw!) and it is what keeps customers loyal throughout the years.

Erin G.

I have been shopping at Lille for a little over four years and it's now the only place I buy my intimates.  I made a promise to myself that if I can make my bed every day and put on nice underwear then I have done some things right!  I loved shopping at Lille pre-Covid in store and during Covid they have made it easy to shop online.  They have a lovely selection of basics up to really sexy sets and lingerie. Support this small business!

Shelby R.

Over ten years ago I had the good fortune to discover Lille Boutique.

Having been a lingerie lover since my teens, I had shopped at other lingerie stores, but after finding Lille, it’s the only place I go for lingerie and loungewear. They’re the BEST! Not only is the staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and the garments top quality, they have basics and fun items too. Lille Boutique seems to have a sixth sense in choosing their merchandise and knowing what is just right for you. Lovely fabrics, a beautiful selection of different styles for all body types.

When I started shopping there I weighed less than I do now and I have since started menopause. They haven’t missed a beat in helping me feel comfortable and find items that work for my changing body. They are inclusive and supportive all people.

I miss going to their brick and mortar store and seeing Megan and Kiah and others, (so does my husband!) and was a bit worried about their transition to being solely online, but it’s been so smooth! I highly recommend Lille Boutique online! I’ve purchased several items and the entire process has been easy and the end results in a fabulous package in my mailbox! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!